Am Anfang ist das Wort…

“Das ist des Dichters wahre erhabene Kunst, dem Leser die Begebnisse, die er erzählt, so lebhaft vor Augen zu führen, dass ihm die Gegenwart und seine ganze Umgebung zu entfliehen scheint, und dass er nicht nur ein Kunstwerk empfindet, sondern über dessen klarer Natürlichkeit die Kunst vergisst und die Begebenheit miterlebt.”

Rainer Maria Rilke, (1875 – 1926)

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Jörg S. Gustmann, Autor




Keeper of the Holy Lance

It is known as one of the most powerful and mysterious relic of mankind: the Holy Lance used
by a Roman soldier to stab Jesus in the side. Nearly 2000 years later the powerdriven banker
Richard Schneider comes across the existence of the Holy Lance by reading the diaries of his
dead father. There are many lances, but this one is meant to be the one. Various people are interested
in finding the Holy Lance: The lodge “THE Lu” and the Vatican. Schneider’s Dad wrote
down as well that the hermit Montesi posesses a lance also. And that this information would
not be known to others until now.
Schneider himself tries everything to get hold of the lance before the lodge does. A breathtaking
hunt across the world begins. They all want to find greedily the source of the godly power.
Schneider is not stopping at murder. In Vienna several victims have been killed through the top
of a lance. Exactly the lance that has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient Art before.
Raphaela – neece of one of the victims – turns out to be the key figure. She is an expert in the
field of Ancient Art and she met Schneider. So she can identify him.
In the end Schneider beams himself back in the past with the help of scientists in order to get
the lance from Longinus directly after he had stabbed it in Jesus’ side. This fails. Schneider lands
at the right time in the right place, but he gets involved in the turmoils of the crucifixion himself.
He is buried in the same grave as the two robbers who have been crucified next to Jesus.
2000 years later – exactly at the time when the incidents take place in Vienna – archeologists discover
the dead body of a modern human being in a grave in Jerusalem. The wheel turns full
Raphaela meets on a trip to Italy the hermit Montesi. He tells her that he possesses indeed a
lance from the time around the death of Jesus. But he explains also that this would just be a relic
which has no importance nowadays anymore.